Kovax is Europe's fastest-growing brand of abrasives and the number one brand in Asia. Offering the most complete, innovative and up-to-date product range in the market, Kovax abrasives are long-lasting with a fast, uniform cut. They improve efficiency, speeding up sanding by up to 50% and reduce material costs dramatically. Used in automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial and woodworking, Kovax discs, sheets, film, pads and tools cover the entire sanding and polishing process.

  • ✔   Improves efficiency

  • ✔   Speeds up sanding by up to 50%

  • ✔   Reduce material costs

Who are Kovax?

Producer and supplier of innovative and time saving quality abrasives for more than 85 years, Kovax headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Tokyo, Japan. All its European customers are serviced from the European head office in Almelo, Netherlands.

The enormous amount of knowledge Kovax has gained over the years, in combination with one of the most modern factories worldwide, enables Kovax to deliver products, that not only save time, but also never fail to produce remarkable results. Since its foundation in 1930, Kovax has become the undisputed number one abrasives brand in Asia. In Europe, a yearly growth up to 20% in a complicated, conservative and highly competitive market is just further proof of the unique and unrivalled Japanese quality.

Thanks to years of research and development, Kovax products are not only used in the automotive industry, but they have also been adopted in the wood, OEM and yacht industries.