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In subsequent issues of the Varnisher, we proudly informed our Readers that the company TROTON from Ząbrów, one of the leading manufacturers of materials for car body and yacht maintenance, is the winner of many awards and distinctions. Today we are pleased to inform you about the new awards - TROTON has won another (there are already a dozen of them) the Business Fair Play statuette and the winner of the Gazelles of Business program. The "Business Fair Play" program is affiliated with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, and its organizer is the Institute for Research on Democracy and Private Enterprise. As the organizers inform: “The companies participating in the program, respecting ethical values ​​on a daily basis, are doing well on the market and being successful in the economy. This confirms the thesis that ethics and business are not contradictory. In recent years, more and more companies have recognized the importance of adhering to fair rules of the game and fair treatment of contractors, employees, as well as fulfilling tax obligations. Corporate social responsibility is also growing, an example of which can be the participation of enterprises in all kinds of charity activities, supporting foundations, associations of higher utility, schools and hospitals. These types of companies deserve a special distinction ”. In this year's edition of the program, its organizers selected 7 companies that distinguished themselves with special activities in the field of corporate social responsibility. And it is these seven that have received the most important awards of this year's program. In addition to TROTON, this short list also includes the second company operating in the paint industry - NOVOL from Komorniki near Poznań. It is worth noting that this year, due to the covid-19 epidemic, the organizers resigned from organizing the award ceremony. Business Gazelles is a project implemented jointly by nine economic dailies belonging to the Swedish Bonnier Publishing Group, which aims to distinguish the most dynamic small and medium-sized companies operating on our market. The condition for participation in the competition is the need to demonstrate a positive financial result for the last three years and the publication of this data in the company's registration files. These results are verified by Coface Intercredit Poland. Thanks to this, only honest and reliable companies, whose activities are completely public, can participate in the competition. The organizers of this project annually publish a ranking of outstanding companies and publish it in the form of a two-page supplement to the December issue of "Puls Biznesu". In addition, on a special page, gazelles.

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