Troton has won the 2019 European Business Award in the Innovation Category

We are proud to announce that

for Poland with our RANGERS – truck bedliner and protective coating.

One of the greatest features of our Rangers product is its versatility offering more than 100 different use possibilities in the automotive, industrial, agricultural and domestic sectors. It is available in a  black and tintable version and can be applied with different types of guns achieving different types of structures, including an anti-slip structure with the addition of our Rangers anti-slip powder.  Easy to use and resistant to impact, scratches and UV radiation. Protects against corrosion, salt, water and chemicals.

Troton was one of the first manufacturers to introduce this type of product in Poland. The technological advancements and unique additional features of the product made it a key element in our offer and a door opener, contributing to our expansion in target markets, guarantying customer satisfaction and as a result substantially improving our commercial performance.

Nevertheless for us being innovative means much more than the success achieved from the development of an innovative product. Innovation is present in the creative behavior of our employees, who are encouraged to present new ideas and solutions that can improve our services, business model and work environment.  We strive to make our employees feel that their ideas have an avenue; they are important, appreciated, considered, evaluated and eventually implemented. For us, it is about knowing that each one of them can and do make a difference.

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