“T-Euro” offers a wealth of products across a number of product categories.

Sourced from manufacturers worldwide, using our industry knowledge and technical insight, each product is benchmarked against the market leader and is only awarded the T-Euro label when we are convinced that it’s as good, if not better, than its competition. T-Euro is a true key-to-key portfolio. The range touches every bodyshop process from surface preparation to valeting, with a product, tool or an ancillary that has been hand-picked for the best performance, at the best price.


  • ✔   Abrasives

  • ✔   Adhesives and Sealers

  • ✔   Body Fillers

  • ✔   Fast Repair

  • ✔   Industrial Coatings

  • ✔   Masking

  • ✔   Paint Ancillaries

  • ✔   Paints

  • ✔   Polishing

  • ✔   Tapes

  • ✔   Wipes

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